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Winter = Pool Maintenance?



Winter = Pool Maintenance?

Fall is coming to an end and winter will soon be upon us (at least it feels like it doesn’t it?). To most people, winter signals the time when you stay inside a little more, get your fireplace burning, and close up your pool, but wait, not so fast! Maintenance of your pool even in periods when you’re not as likely to use it is crucial to the overall upkeep of your pool.

The rigid weather conditions in the summer AND winter months can have an effect on your equipment. For example, your filter could spring a leak and you wouldn’t even catch it until months later when you open up your pool again. As for the other equipment that is affected by the filter, they could also possibly be damaged as a result, leaving you with repair fees for all. Having a pool service technician keeping an eye on your equipment ensures that not only will your pool water flow smoothly, but any issues that may arise will be resolved.

Just as you maintain the oil in your car, you have to maintain the chemicals in your pool. The residual build up of chemicals in your pool with months of no function makes for a tougher (and longer) clean later on for your beautiful pool, especially if you’re in dire need for a swim! For this, chemical balance and pH levels have to be properly monitored.

Most importantly of all, it’s your pool! You want to treat that crystal clear wave of water with care as you would anything you’ve spent your dedication to building or buying with your home. Routine pool maintenance is necessary in every season, including the winter months, so make sure you are servicing your pool.

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