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Ready to Remodel Your Pool Deck?

Ready to Remodel Your Pool Deck?

Ready to give that tired pool and deck area a facelift? There are lots of options for the deck area. Consider using natural stone for that upgraded look. Travertine pavers have become very popular due to their value and transformative look. They are cool on the feet, and come in many different sizes and shades. Choose a complementary pool coping and you will be amazed at the look you will have when it’s completed.

Travertine pavers are a naturally occurring stone ranging from smooth to slightly textured. This elegant stone is known for its strong endurance and its cool touch even in the warmer weather that Florida is known for. Don’t worry about your travertine pavers fading. They hold their color throughout the entire material so color consistency is no issue. Also, its 1″ thickness means they can be installed over your existing concrete deck surface, so there’s no need to remove the old deck.

gray brown travertine



travertine tan


Remodeling with the very durable travertine pavers will save you from the extra costs of remodeling with other pavers in the long-run as well. Since travertine pavers are durable, you don’t have to worry about them wearing down. In addition, the installation of these pavers will make the remodeling project a breeze.


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Durable and cost effective in the long-run. Ready to remodel your deck with travertine pavers? If so, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with the experts at Palace Pools for a consultation. Call us at 904-998-1811 to transform you backyard pool area.