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Pool Barrier Fencing

black fence cropped

Having a pool fence around your pool is the safest and strongest defense to safeguard your family.

Because these fences must be at least 48 inches (4 feet high) measured from the ground, small children can’t get over the fence, nor climb or grip because of its compact mesh material. Additionally, children’s toys and animals won’t be able to crawl under it.

Even if you are enjoying the luxury of your pool from the patio, the see-through material allows you to directly see into your pool with the fence, so supervising your children is done with ease.

Along with the prevention of climbing, pool fences are weather-proof, yet simple to install and remove because of its light weight; therefore, you can swiftly remove the fence to open up your pool for entertaining. Pool fence material is UV stabilized and very durable. As an added bonus, pool fences come in a variety of colors to fit your style needs.

fence pole

Upright pool barrier supports

Pool barriers are also available in four colors. The poles are durable, as well as rust-proof.

black fence with stairs


Fences are custom-sized to fit the shape of your pool, even if you have steps. The durability and removal for entertaining of this safety barrier is easy, so consider installing pool barrier fencing to safeguard your family now.

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