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Ready to Remodel Your Pool Deck?

Ready to Remodel Your Pool Deck?

Ready to give that tired pool and deck area a facelift? There are lots of options for the deck area. Consider using natural stone for that upgraded look. Travertine pavers have become very popular due to their value and transformative look. They are cool on the feet, and come in many different sizes and shades. Choose a complementary pool coping and you will be amazed at the look you will have when it’s completed.

Travertine pavers are a naturally occurring stone ranging from smooth to slightly textured. This elegant stone is known for its strong endurance and its cool touch even in the warmer weather that Florida is known for. Don’t worry about your travertine pavers fading. They hold their color throughout the entire material so color consistency is no issue. Also, its 1″ thickness means they can be installed over your existing concrete deck surface, so there’s no need to remove the old deck.

gray brown travertine



travertine tan


Remodeling with the very durable travertine pavers will save you from the extra costs of remodeling with other pavers in the long-run as well. Since travertine pavers are durable, you don’t have to worry about them wearing down. In addition, the installation of these pavers will make the remodeling project a breeze.


travertine pp office

Durable and cost effective in the long-run. Ready to remodel your deck with travertine pavers? If so, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with the experts at Palace Pools for a consultation. Call us at 904-998-1811 to transform you backyard pool area.

Get Your Remodel On – Pool Remodeling

Get Your Remodel On

In the summer, you’re usually thinking about swimming in your pool, yet, you’ll be at a standstill because your pool will have hit a snag in its appearance. We’re not saying that your pool isn’t already holding up on its own, but you will definitely need a refresher, and now is definitely the best time to refresh.

Palace Remod



Palace Remodel (1)


Reasons to Remodel

  • Tile facelift
  • Install a heater
  • Resize/change depth
  • Add a spa or waterfall
  • Improve interior finishes
  • Resurface with new pavers
  • Keep up-to-date on current trends
  • Improve fixtures/new pool automation

One of the main reasons you want to remodel is to acquire the new styles that have been designed. Keeping up-to-date on current trends helps your pool look like its newly built self.

Need assistance getting in and out of the pool? Install a handrail! Your options are limitless and Palace Pools does it all!

Preparation is Key

Preparation is the key to everything, even in pool building and remodeling. Planning beforehand allows you to analyze your budget and prepare for this big step. Additionally, you want to take your time in deciding exactly how you desire your pool to look and right now, you’re in the season to remodel.

FPOTW pool-diamond accents

You want your pool to be ready when the weather’s perfect for swimming, so get your lifetime warranty and FREE ESTIMATE from Palace Pools today! Hurry, while it’s still cool!

Pool Barrier Fencing

black fence cropped

Having a pool fence around your pool is the safest and strongest defense to safeguard your family.

Because these fences must be at least 48 inches (4 feet high) measured from the ground, small children can’t get over the fence, nor climb or grip because of its compact mesh material. Additionally, children’s toys and animals won’t be able to crawl under it.

Even if you are enjoying the luxury of your pool from the patio, the see-through material allows you to directly see into your pool with the fence, so supervising your children is done with ease.

Along with the prevention of climbing, pool fences are weather-proof, yet simple to install and remove because of its light weight; therefore, you can swiftly remove the fence to open up your pool for entertaining. Pool fence material is UV stabilized and very durable. As an added bonus, pool fences come in a variety of colors to fit your style needs.

fence pole

Upright pool barrier supports

Pool barriers are also available in four colors. The poles are durable, as well as rust-proof.

black fence with stairs


Fences are custom-sized to fit the shape of your pool, even if you have steps. The durability and removal for entertaining of this safety barrier is easy, so consider installing pool barrier fencing to safeguard your family now.

Winter = Pool Maintenance?



Winter = Pool Maintenance?

Fall is coming to an end and winter will soon be upon us (at least it feels like it doesn’t it?). To most people, winter signals the time when you stay inside a little more, get your fireplace burning, and close up your pool, but wait, not so fast! Maintenance of your pool even in periods when you’re not as likely to use it is crucial to the overall upkeep of your pool.

The rigid weather conditions in the summer AND winter months can have an effect on your equipment. For example, your filter could spring a leak and you wouldn’t even catch it until months later when you open up your pool again. As for the other equipment that is affected by the filter, they could also possibly be damaged as a result, leaving you with repair fees for all. Having a pool service technician keeping an eye on your equipment ensures that not only will your pool water flow smoothly, but any issues that may arise will be resolved.

Just as you maintain the oil in your car, you have to maintain the chemicals in your pool. The residual build up of chemicals in your pool with months of no function makes for a tougher (and longer) clean later on for your beautiful pool, especially if you’re in dire need for a swim! For this, chemical balance and pH levels have to be properly monitored.

Most importantly of all, it’s your pool! You want to treat that crystal clear wave of water with care as you would anything you’ve spent your dedication to building or buying with your home. Routine pool maintenance is necessary in every season, including the winter months, so make sure you are servicing your pool.

Give us a call at 904-998-1811 to service your pool today!

Building a new Pool!

Building a New Pool !

So you are ready to take the plunge, and get a pool installed at your home. Congratulations, you are about to create a space that will provide fun, peace, and a feeling of well-being for you and your family.
But what now? How do you find the pool builder that will make your project a reality? Many people will know someone who has a pool, or has recently had a pool installed. These are good places to start the process of selecting your builder. Get their experiences with building the pool and also, owning the pool.
Most people start the process by using the internet. There are tons of sites that have pool photos, and most pool contractors have a company websites with lots of information about the process. It can be a daunting process to pick a few contractors to interview, as there are many. In Jacksonville, at last count, there were something like 47 pool contractors of various sizes.
You should take some time and educate yourself about pools and the different types of equipment that is available to be installed on your pool. Learn about salt chlorination, automation, LED lighting, decking materials, etc. Again, the internet is the fastest way to learn about these things. Google Images is great tool for finding pool and deck designs that you may like.
If you are new to the Jacksonville, St. Augustine area, and you are looking for a good pool contractor, again, talk to your new neighbors who have installed pools, and get their impressions of the experience, and their satisfaction with the finished product. Palace Pools has been building and servicing in ground concrete pools in Jacksonville for 22 years. Our design team will meet with you at your home, measure and photograph your back-yard, sit down with you and listen to your ideas and put together a 3D design of the pool environment and associated landscaping. You will see your backyard transform before your very eyes! You can actually see the finished project before we start construction!
We at Palace Pools can talk with you about options and different materials that can make your pool a one of a kind space that you can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.

Salt Water Chlorination

How salt chlorine generators work

Salt chlorine generators are becoming increasingly popular. In the U.S. alone, over 1.5 million pool owners are enjoying the benefits of salt water chlorination. These benefits include an amazing swimming experience – no more red eyes, dry itchy skin, chlorine odor or bleaching of clothing, toys or floats. But quite possibly an even better benefit is: your pool and spa are chlorinated automatically, not manually. That means no more trips to the store to stock up on chlorine: your chlorinator will treat the water for you. Mixing and measuring factory-produced chlorine is a thing of the past, and so are the days of unhealthy chlorine highs and lows.

Salt System

Salt System Setup

The science behind the technology
There are two components to a salt chlorinator: the control box and its salt cell. The salt cell is an electrolytic converter that installs on your system’s return line, behind the pump, filter and heater. As pool water passes through the salt cell, an electrical charge, generated by the control box, automatically converts the dissolved salt into fresh, natural chlorine. This electrical charge is extremely safe. The newly-chlorinated water is then dispersed evenly throughout the pool by the return jets, where it prevents algae and kills bacteria. After the chlorine has done its work keeping your pool sanitized, it is then transformed back into salt and then the process happens all over again. The salt is never consumed – it simply cycles between salt and chlorine forever. The only time you might need to replenish salt is due to splash out, if your pool overflows in a rainstorm or when you backwash your filter.
Salt chlorinators require a low concentration of salt (sodium chloride) – approximately a teaspoon of granular table salt per gallon of water. The correct salt level is comparable to a human tear and as such, imparts no or little taste. The actual amount of chlorination required to properly sanitize a pool varies due to the pool size, bather load, rainfall, temperature and the pool’s cleanliness.

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Infant Swimming Resource

infant swimmingCompetence leads to confidence. While all ISR Students learn a core competency in the water as part of our ISR Self-Rescue™ Program, there’s an often overlooked extra benefit; confidence. For many little ones, learning to swim and float is the first thing they accomplish without the help of mom or dad. Each year we get notes from parents whose children don’t want to take off their ISR T-shirt or “my swimming shirt.” To learn more, please visit ISR

New Omni Logic Pool & Spa Controller

Hayward OmniLogicHayward OmniLogic

New OmniLogic Pool & Spa Controller Hayward’s new Omni Logic controller for pools and spas is app based and a breeze to use! Coming this month!

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